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PumpkinPumpkin was found abandoned along the James River. He has been very sweet but being a Pit Bull there have been a few rough edges. I took Pumpkin to a week long behavior class taught in part by Robert Jordan. Later I asked Robert to come to my house to address specific issues.

I found him very practical, educational and always positive. Robert understands and truly likes dogs. I highly recommend him to anyone who loves their dogs, but would love them even more if they were to lose a few bad habits. -- Bob

Vinny and Millie

Vinny and MillieThanks for curing our dog's bad behavior and saving our relationship with our daughter and son-in-law.

Vinny, our 8-year-old Doberman, had a quiet life, filled with lots of people -- but few other dogs. He sometimes didn't get along with other dogs, but because he so seldom saw or interacted with other dogs, that flaw was easy to ignore.

As you know, that all changed when our daughter and her husband decided to welcome an American Bulldog puppy into their home and into our lives. Millie is energetic and cute. We wanted Millie to spend her days with Vinny. We knew we would have to be careful with the introductions, given Vinny's feelings about strange dogs, but we figured they eventually would become best of friends and enjoy each other's company. We decided to slowly introduce them over several days.

It quickly became clear that the introduction was not going to be easy or fast when Vinny lunged at Millie. Millie seemed unmoved by his bizarre behavior, but Vinny was surprisingly vicious -- luckily, however, restrained by a leash.

It was time to call a professional -- but who? And, what were the chances that anything could be done? Our veteranarian, who we've come to trust, recommended you. And, you guaranteed that Vinny could be cured. We were sold.

We were surprised when you explained the process you planned to use -- bringing a control dog near, but out of reach of, a restrained subject dog. Then, when the the subject dog is calm, moving the control dog away (thus rewarding the calm behavior). Eventually, the subject dog learns the scarry monster goes away only when he is calm and thus learns to get over his aggressive behavior.

First day: You worked with Vinny and Millie on leash. Millie barked at Vinny and you got to see Vinny's snarling and snapping. Not much progress, but Millie wasn't the best candidate for the training because she was a barking puppy, not a calm adult.

Vinny and MillieSo at your recommendation, we decided to begin the therapy with a mature dog -- Sadie. At first, day number two was looking a lot like day one -- lots of snarling. But eventually, Sadie's calm demeaner seemed to calm Vinny. After a few hours, however, you had them playing together, slurping water together, and running around in a field together. Success! We hope you will pass along our sincere thanks to Deena for the generous loan of her great dogs and her home. It was really so nice of her.

So the next day, we brought back Millie. When we saw Vinny lunge and snap at Millie, we were disheartened. Aughhh! Back to where we were? Not exactly. Yes, Vinny was still aggressive -- but less aggressive. Perhaps there was hope. Maybe.

You were undaunted -- convinced that success was possible. We wanted to believe, and were bouyed by the fact that each time Vinny and Millie came together, they seemed less antagonistic. The temporary fence you errected allowed them to see and sniff each other with no danger for either dog seemed to do the trick. After exposing them to each in this safe way other for several days, we were pleased and surprised when they finally came together without incident.

They now play together every day. Millie never leaves Vinny's side. They are both exhausted at the end of the day.

We're thankful to have found such a great dog trainer. We'll be sure to turn to you for any behavior problems that arise, and we'll recommend you without reservation to our friends. But most of all, thanks for sticking with us and seeing it through to success. You've really improved our lives. --
Fred, Donna, Jarrett, Nicole, Vinny and Millie