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Dozer's C.A.T. Treatment

DozerWe adopted a 3 year old boxer named Dozer in November and after a week of living with him, we noticed that he was having very bad aggression issues with other dogs when we would take him on walks. With city living, walks are a must and we are almost guaranteed to meet other dogs while out walking. We decided that we needed to seek the advice of a professional trainer as we did not know how to handle the issue. While speaking with one trainer, she recommended that we speak with Robert as he was very skilled in the Constructional Aggression Treatment (C.A.T.) method.

We contacted Robert and he gave us a brief run down on his methods and informed us that this method allows for the dog to make the changes in their personality by themselves rather than punishing/confining or other means of letting the dog "know" they are acting in an unacceptable manner. The fact that this training method lets the dogs change on their own was an immediate selling point. At no point during the training did we feel that Dozer was being punished or mistreated through the C.A.T. training method.

Robert took the time to come and meet us and Dozer on a personal level in order to gain an understanding of both our behaviors/expectations of our dog as well as seeing how Dozer reacted to other dogs. Almost immediately Dozer took to Robert! We scheduled our first session with our control dog (thanks BB!) and began the training process. As expected, Dozer went into his typical psycho aggressive mode when he first encountered BB. While it was disheartening at first, we could see a difference in Dozer's mentality after leaving the very first session. After just two sessions Dozer was able to be in the vicinity of other dogs without "going off." Dozer was ready for the next level! We moved to the meeting phase (thank Sadie!) with Dozer and in another two sessions he was playing and running around with another dog! Finally Dozer knew what it was like to play and have fun with another dog instead of wanting to attack them. It was a wonderful sight to see our dog so happy! Robert followed up with one more session to ensure that Dozer was in fact cured. Robert's attention and dedication through the whole process of curing Dozer was amazing!

Since the training has been completed Dozer can now go to the dog park, unleashed, without any worries of him getting into fights with other dogs. Dozer can also walk anywhere on his leash and is friendly when meeting other dogs in the neighborhood. We can't speak highly enough of the C.A.T. method as well as Robert's knowledge and abilities at working with dogs.

Robert worked with us very closely and counseled us on methods for helping Dozer on our own. Beyond just curing him of his aggression, Robert gave us pointers on how to better handle Dozer and how to go about letting him know his role in our family. His work with us went above and beyond anything we could have ever hoped for with a trainer. He treated us as the entire time as his #1 priority.

If your dog has issues with aggression the priority must be to cure the dog and we recommend very highly that Robert be the one to help you through the C.A.T. method.

We thank you, Robert, and so does Dozer!
Chris, Chantal and Dozer (and all the dogs we meet on our walks!)


Koty and KatyOur dog Koty, a two year old Jack Russell Terrier, was causing our family concern because of what we thought was aggressive behavior. It turns out that Koty was showing stress because of the lack of strong leadership that my husband and I were providing. In Koty's little doggie mind, we were so weak as leaders that he had to take over and he really didn't want to. After we saw an ad for Robert Jordan in "Family Dog" magazine, I thought it was an answer from above. In a couple of short weeks, and a visit to our home by Robert, Koty has shown tremendous improvement. We also are in the middle of a six week group dog training at the Dude Ranch that Robert is conducting, and the leadership techniques we're learning have proven to be invaluable. We are having fun and working with Koty in a relaxed environment using gentle methods and lots of treats and positive reinforcement. We are all benefitting from this training and look forward to it every week. It has definitely improved the atmoshpere around our house so much that our second Jack, nine year old Katy, has relaxed and seems much more secure.

I know we still have a way to go with Koty and need to work on his door etiquette and improving his attitude towards other dogs, but I feel confident that by summer he'll be a different dog -- not perfect, but much improved. I know Gary and I are better leaders now and we understand that our own behavior needed to change. We've learned that we need to be strong, consistent and loving to Katy & Koty and they'll be happier for it! Thank you Robert for helping us see the light.

Julie & Gary Ratay